NYPD Radio Codes

Want to the know the difference between a 10-13 and a 10-63? This is the site for you.

NYC Trackbook

A link to everything you could ever possibly want to know about the NYC Subway System

Official NYC Subway homepage

The official home page of the NYC Subway

MTA New York City Transit Homepage

MTA - Metropolitan Transity Authority homepage - can find out information on the Long Island Rail Road, the Subways and Buses, and the Metro North Railroad.

Link to NYC Maps

Various maps that might be of use if you're looking for specific locations for your fics, and where that location would be in location to where your characters are currently located.

Franks Little Hole on the Web

A great resource for all things having to do with the FDNY. He explains in basic terms what the different calls mean.. how many trucks would respond to certain situations... what the different 10 codes are. For a fanfic writer who concentrates on the firefighting end of things, this could be an invaluable resource.

NYPD Official Home Page

Includes links to the precincts, new police procedures, new testing, etc.

New York City Police Museum

New York City Fire Museum

Criminal Justice System Handbook

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the criminals Bosco arrested? Are you considering throwing Bosco in jail in your next fanfic? If so, check out the Criminal Justice System Handbook for New York State. In very simple terms, it describes step by step what happens once someone is arrested and their journey through the criminal justice system. (Special thanks to Seattlegirl on the message boards for the link and description.)

Police Dispatch Online

A magazine dedicated to the Police professionals in NYC. Not muc here yet, but will have photographs and articles.

Fireground Photos

Run by Ed Burke, a member of the Third Watch Dot Net messageboards, this is a resource of photos for the FDNY, as well as other squads around the country. A great resource!


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