"MVA" = motor vehicle accident
"DOA" = dead on arrival
"GSW" = gun shot wound


"Bus" = ambulance
"Triage" = assessing all of the victims and prioritizing based on severity
"Bradycardic" = patient's heart contracts steadily but at a rate of less than 60 beats a minute
"EDP" = Emotionally Disturbed Person
"BP" = blood pressure
"Antecubital" = vein at the bend of the elbow on the inside of the arm
"Frequent Flyer" = someone who calls '911' more often than most
"MI" = Myocardial infarction; a restriction or blockage of a heart artery that causes damage to the heart muscle.


"Nozzle man" = Firefighter who advances the hose line
"Back-up Man" = Firefighter who controls the lines so that the Nozzle Man can advance it.
"Control Man" = Firefighter who decides how many lengths to be stretched and assists in hooking up the hose. He follows the hose up to the fire and will relieve the Nozzle Man if necessary.
"MPO" = Motor Pump Operator; Firefighter who drives and hooks up the truck so they can get water. He also maintains the pressure in the hose line.
"Can Man" = Goes inside the fire with an extinguisher and a hook.
"Jaws of Life" = Tool used to bend or move metal objects, frequently used in auto extrications.


"RMP" = squad car
"IA" = Internal Affairs
"Civvies" = civilian clothes
"DOC" = Department of Corrections
"ESU" = Special Unit of the NYPD made up of highly trained NYPD cops
"660 Team" = Slang used for police sharpshooters in New York's ESU.
"One PP" = One Police Plaza; police headquarters in New York
"Permission to go 10-63" = permission to take one-hour lunch break


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