An interview? Of course, I always have time for a beautiful woman. What would you like to know? Phone number? Address? If I'm free tonight. Just kidding. Seriously, you want to know more about Jimmy Doherty, no problem After all, for the most part, I have a great life, job I love, respect of my peers. I haven't had much luck with relationships though, guess that's my weak link or something. Two failed marriages, to two nice women. First there was Kim, my son Joey's mother.

She was the only woman I ever really loved. She got pregnant, and we got married in Atlantic City. Everything was goin' okay until I slept with her sister. It was my fault, and I'm still sorry. I wish she could trust me again, give me another chance. I even asked her if there was any future for us, if there was any chance we could get back together, that I couldn't wait around forever. I was afraid, you see, I'm not real good at being alone.

I met this woman, Brooke, and things got serious real fast. And when Kim turned me down, she seemed like the logical choice. We got engaged after dating for a few months. We made these big wedding plans, just the opposite of what Kim and I had. I guess Kim was right about me not being ready to marry Brooke. It was the night of our engagement party, and Alex caught Linda and I making it out in the bathroom. Word got around, and Joe Lombardo, Linda's boyfriend, and Brooke eventually found out about it. Brooke served me with divorce papers, and Joe, he bein' my best friend and all, he slugged me good.

I've struck out with womean, and I've struck out with my careers too. Firefighting wasn't my first choice as a career, it was my backup plan. Baseball, now baseball was my passion. It was Spring, 1993, open tryouts with the Yankees. The most difficult thing you can do in sports is to hit a major league fastball. They gave me three swings. Hit one, you move on to fielding. I was good, real good, and I knew it. I had it all figured out. One year in the minors, make it to the show, seven figure product endorsement with Nike or Adidas. All I had to do was hit one...

I guess it goes without saying that I struck out, joined the fire department three months later. I never thought I'd love it like this, love being a fireman. Repelling off twenty story buildings? Dont tell the Mayor, but I'd do it for free.

When you're a fireman, people in the neighbourhood look up to you. If you're a good fireman, like me, other firemen look up to you. I've found my place. I work with men I admire and trust my life with, and they trust me with theirs. It's a gamble I guess, a fifty/ fifty shot the not hitting that ball would turn out for the best. Sometimes I wish they'd given me just one more swing..

I know all about what it means to gamble, about placing bets and losing your shirt. I lost fifteen grand once on a basketball game. I called my mom for help, but she was busy planning an expensive trip to the Grand Canyon for my Dad's birthday. I even asked my brother, Tommy, for help, but I'd already cleared his bank account out six months before. Tommy owns this hardware store, he's got three kids,car payments, a mortgage, so he's not exactly rolling in cash.

I was desperate, I even tried to get money from Joey's college fund, but without Kim's signature, I couldn't get the money. There was no way I was gonna let Kim know how much debt I was in, she was already riding my ass about being an irresponsible parent.

They guy, Sam, the guy I owed money to, had his goons follow me one night. I had Joey with me, and he pulled me over, took my car, made the two of us walk home. I was scared, humiliated right in front of my son. We walked to Kim's house, and I swore to her that I'd never gamble again. Joey, my son, means the world to me, and I told her I was gonna start being a good father, and I meant it.

I try to be a good dad, but Kim shoots me down alot. Video games, some toy guns, wrestling, she's always after me for exposing him to that kinda stuff.

I remember the time Joey pushed some kid off the jungle gym and she tried blaming me for it. I was only spending ten hours a week with him, so I told her to start looking at herself and not me.

We've had some rough times, me and Kim, like when Bobby died, and she tried committing suicide by mixing wine and sedatives. She went downhill so fast, and I thought for a long time that she was an unfit mother. I even tried to change my will so that she wouldn't get custody. I know now that I was wrong.... She loves Joey, just like I do.

Gee, look at the time. I'd better get back in there, duty calls. Give me a shout if you need anything else. I'm always around. Three to eleven. Oh, by the way, let me know if you're ever thinkin' of interviewing a guy named Bosco from acorss the street... I'd love to help fill in the blanks for that one...


A follow up interview? Yeah, I think I have some time with that. A bit has changed since we last spoke. Lets see... First of all, there was that horrible accident that claimed the lives of both Alex and Lieu. Lt. Johnson, that is. I took that really really hard.

It did bring about more than a few changes in my life, though. The biggest of which was the promotion I never asked for or wanted. I made some mistakes in the position - okay, more than a few mistakes. And it almost cost me my friendship with Billy Walsh. Luckily, we were able to resolve all that.

Another big change in my life - everything going on brought me a lot closer to Kim than I ever had been before, despite our varied history. I realized that she was the only woman who could ever be right for me - right around the time she realized that I was married to being a firefighter. But guess what! Kim's pregnant again, with my baby, and she's decided that she wants to marry me. She just about made me the happeist man alive.

Then.. there was this transfer. I'm going to be working in Ben Sty in Rescue. And I'm going to be a Lieutenant there. I think it'll be a really really good opportunity for me. It means I'm going away - but not going far away. And you'd better believe that I'll be back at the 55 every once in a while.

Just let them try to keep me away.

I need to get to my new house - but I'll be back. You can count on it.

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