Criminal Minds Readers and Writers Group

A group for writers and researchers of any kind of mystery genre. Have a great story worked up but are looking for specific details regarding a case? Enjoy reading about different crimes and forensics? Or want to ask advice on something regarding what you're working on? Check out this group.

Fan Fiction Emergency Group

Are you writing a street story that involves the paramedics being out on the call? Do you sometimes wonder what the procedure would be once a cop arrests someone for a story you're writing? Then this is the group for you.

Fan Fiction Geography Group

Great for posting any and all location questions you might have. Writing a fic about NYC but never been there? Ask in this group, and you'll get specific answers to your inquiries.

Fan Fiction History Group

Taking your favorite characters from Third Watch back to another time period? Need to know what NYC was like in the 1900's? Ask your specific questions here.

Fan Fiction Language Group

Aren't sure how to say a certain phrase? Want to know how to say something in another language? Aren't sure how to write a New York accent? Ask here.

Fan Fiction Law Group

Have a specific legal question you're not sure the answer to? This is the place to ask.

Fan Fiction Medical Group

Suddenly have your character come down with some horrific disease, and aren't sure how to make it work realistically? Need to find out what happens when a character miscarries? Aren't sure of the symptoms for Chicken Pox? Ask the experts.

Fan Fiction Military Group

If you have a specific question about a branch of the military as it relates to your character, ask here.

Crime Writing and Forensics

A list of links that have to do with crime writing and forensics. I have not checked all of these out, but it looks pretty good.

Life on the Beat

Police stories, Law Enforcement information that is not state specific. Great for finding out ideas, and researching little facts about police life. This site includes an "Ask a Cop" message board.

EMT Life

A messageboard where EMTs share stories about life in emergency services. A great source of information and stories for your fanfiction needs.

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