It's all Bosco's fault.

My marriage is gone - and I've met someone much better now. Her name is Caroline, and I made sure before I started dating her that there was no one in her life named Maurice, Bosco, or any of those names combined together or seperately.

She is not a cop.

That in it of itself has made the few months that I've been with her better than anything I could have had with Faith.

You see, Faith is a New York City Police Officer. And she has been since the kids were really small. I never really knew how I felt about it - only that I loved the paycheck that came along with it. Steady work was never a bad thing.

She had this partner. His name was Bosco. And she used to bring him around, and for a long while he was like one of the family. I'd cook them dinner to have over their meal breaks, and he would come over on Christmas Day, bringing presents for the kids and having a drink with the two of us.

Drinks. Yeah, okay. So I had a problem with alcohol for a while. But I got over that - I think it was when I tried to pick up the kids drunk that was the real wake up call for me.

Bosco had a way.. of getting in the middle of things with me an' Faith. Somehow, he turned into almost a third partner in our marriage, and that was not acceptable to me. It got to the point where it was all about Bosco. And it was when Faith blew the sergents exam because she was worried about Bosco that I realized there was more to their relationship than met the eye.

So in the end, it was Bosco that was our undoing. Faith got shot, and I wont go into details but it was ALL Boscorelli's fault. In the end, I thought that her gettin' shot was gonna be enough to realize that maybe the job wasn't for her. I mean, she could retire was pay and benefits for getting shot in the line of duty. But she had something to prove. She wanted to go back.

To him. She wanted to go back to him after everything he'd done to the family.

So now, things are for the better. I have custody of Charlie, and Emily has chosen to live with Faith. We'll see how that works out.

For now.

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