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Updated:January 17, 2005


Question: Wow! Did you see that season premiere!?! What's going on with Jason Wiles? Is he leaving the show? I'm NOT going to continue to watch if he leaves! Damn those Powers That Be!

Answer: I'm very sorry to report that while all along we had information that Jason Wiles was not leaving the show, we have new information that leads us to believe that he is. I believe it was Jason's decision. We wish him well in his decision to move onto other projects, and while we can't force you to continue to watch the show, we sure hope you will. Third Watch is a great show in it's own right.

Question: I loved Third Watch on Monday Nights! Now my weekend plans are all messed up because Third Watch is on Fridays!

Answer: First of all, I would recommend getting a VCR of some type. Second of all, Third Watch is doing very well in the ratings on Friday nights. I doubt very highly that they will be changing it back to Monday Nights any time soon.

Question: All these other shows are coming out on DVD. What about Third Watch? Why hasn't it come out on DVD yet?

Answer: There are a number of reasons why this might be the case. First of all, the DVDs are already out in Japan, and there is a hold on the syndication rights because of that. Also, there is a tremendous amount of great music that is in the episodes of Third Watch. In order for the music to be put on the DVDs, they have to obtain the music rights. These rights can be difficult and costly to get. All these things combined are likely why Third Watch is not out on DVD yet, but hang tight. Good things come to those who wait.

Question: First Bobby. Then Alex. Then Lieu, and now Jimmy, Doc and Kim! What the heck is going on with the FDNY! I heard a rumor that they're turning Third Watch into a cop show. Is this true?

Answer: Absolutely not. As you can see, there's been the introduction of Grace Foster and Holly Levine on the paramedic side. In fact, Grace Foster is now a regular character. Also, we had the introduction of Stu "Lotta Z's" on the FDNY side.

Ed Bernero says it best: "Third Watch is about cops, paramedics and firefighters. Besides feeling like without the FDNY this wouldn't be 3W anymore, we have a significant investment in sets and equipment. There will ALWAYS be FDNY as an integral component of this show."

Question: Okay - so then. Why did Eddie Cibrian, Michael Beach and Kim Raver leave the show?

Answer: Eddie and Michael left for very similiar reasons. They both have their family on the West Coast, and they wanted to spend more time with them. Kim Raver left the show because she also wants to move to California - and good news, Kim Raver fans - she can be seen starting in January in the show 24 on FOX.

Question: Do the actors and crew actually come to the boards?

Answer: They do not actively post here, but they have been known to lurk on all the message boards. Think before you post - would you want them to read what you're writing?

Question: That's great that they sometimes come and visit here -- but I want to write them myself and tell them how much I enjoy their work. Where can I do that?

Answer: On the Third Watch Dot Net messageboards, there's a post that lists the best way to try to get in touch with your favorite actors. You can find that post here. Keep in mind that receipt of your notes does not guarantee a reply. They are all busy actors who appreciate your support, but don't always have the time to sit down and write back telling you this.

Question: What song was playing during ________ episode?

Answer: There is a full resource out there for finding out music. Coming soon is Third Watch Music, which will have mp3 samples, lyrics, and links to where you can buy the individual songs you've heard on episodes of Third Watch. For now, you can head on over to EMTPlatt's Music Pages. He's done a remarkable job of researching and keeping up to date all of the music heard in all episodes of Third Watch.

That's all for now. Keep referring back to this page for updates.



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