I don't know why you're interviewing me. I'm really not as bad as they say I am.

I mean.. I guess it's in the eye of the beholder. But I've been dealt a pretty rough hand in life. My home life was nothing to write home about. I had a sister who was addicted to everything under the sun, and it was crystal meth that finally did her in.

And... I do what I have to do to keep myself on top.

So I step on a few people. That doesn't make me a bad person, right? I mean.. it was just so easy to use Boscorelli for as long as I did... and he wasn't so bad in bed either.

That day in the hotel room -- when it all came down. I did what I had to do to protect myself. That bitch shot me. That bitch shot me, so I shot her back. And if she's paralyzed...

She's just damned lucky she isn't dead. I could have killed her if I wanted to.

She shot me. I shot her.

I was... hurt in the line of duty while tryin' to crack down a prostitution ring. But I'm over that now. It wasn't a big deal. I took care of the guy and I made sure that he'd never hurt another woman again. You see, the night that we caught the guy, Boscorelli was takin' him to central transport. He pretended to get a flat tire so that I could take them instead. I think that everyone was expectin' me to beat the hell out of the guy, and I supposed I could have. But why do that? Why do that when I could exact my revenge so much more creatively.

There are a few guys that I know on the inside, you know? So I had them... take care of him the same way that he took care of me. I never told no one about it. And it made it look like I'd shown restraint when I didn't have to. It was no one's loss. Everyone won, right?

I was workin' back on the streets. But I recently earned my way back to anti-crime by doin' a big crackdown. I never should have been demoted in the first place. As I see it -- I didn't do anything wrong. It was self defense, it just happened to be in defense of another cop.

And now, there's all this stuff going on with the Boscorelli family. First, there was Bosco's brother, who I was sure was responsible for the death of Dade. He was one of my best guys, you know? And one of those gang members shot him in cold blood.

Then there was Mikey dying. I didn't account for that. And I felt awful for Bosco when it all happened. I even tried to apologize, bring him some food the day of the funeral, but he really didn't wanna hear any of it. I don't blame him, I guess. And then, my entire team was shot up before my eyes later on that day. At the same time, someone drove a car into the funeral home where Bosco's brother was being mourned. And also a building down by the seaport blew up, taking a bunch of cops with it.

Bosco's Mom was run over. So we all convened at the hospital to try to figure out where to go from there. And that's when the shots happened. I reacted, ducking down. Bosco reacted by pulling Faith towards the floor. And when all the bullets stopped flying...

Bosco was hurt, really bad. And Faith... I can't explain why, but while I don't think I'll ever like the woman, I gained a whole new respect for her as she desperately tried to revive Bosco. And I had no problem helping to cover things up when she reacted, shooting the man responsible for hurting Bosco so badly with very little fear, malace, or regret.

Then there was this whole IAB thing goin' on. Would you believe there was a rat in the 55? A rat by the name of Sasha Monroe. After actually trustin' her, it turns out that the whole time, she was out to get -me-. So I was thrown in jail, right? I was thrown in jail after coverin' up what Faith did, because it was assumed that I was the mastermind behind it all. Faith Yokas, smellin' like a rose while I'm fightin' for my life in Rikers. You might wonder why I didn't jus' turn her in. Becuase I don't do that. I don't turn my back on fellow cops. Not anymore. Doesn't matter that I hated Faith Yokas with every fiber of my being.

Somehow, I managed to get off - Faith signed a paper that absolved her of all guilt in the case, and then admitted everythin' - that she was actually the one who shot Donald Mann an' I had nothin' to do with it.

Yokas and I will never be friends. But there is an uneasy understandin' between the two of us now.

Look. I gotta get goin'. I got this new partner named Santiago, an' there is somethin' goin' on with a terrorist threat..

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