So this is pretty cool. I mean, yeah, I can understand why you’d want to interview me. Tell you a bit about myself? Well, lets see.

Grew up in foster homes. That was pretty bad, not that I didn’t turn out okay, cause I did, but you know, really hard. I had actually planned on going to medical school, you know, becoming a doctor. Started on as a paramedic to, get some experience, earn some money, that sort of thing.

Never really intended on going ‘career’, just sorta happened. But you know, I love the job. You get to help people everyday, really make a difference out there. It’s actually pretty noble.

Um, lets see, relationships. Well, dated a few women, actually, a lot of women, okay, how bout my fair share of women. They love me. Seriously, I have to fight them off. Like that Vangie chick, and Dr Morales, well, she dated Doc, but she wanted me first. Oh, and don’t forget Kim, she wanted me, she just won’t admit it cause I broke her heart.

Okay, enough about women, fine. Let’s see, oh, I live with Ty, but as a roommate, nothing else. I have daughter name Kylie. Her foster parents look after her, but I’m allowed to see her every now and again. Also, have a bird. That’s actually a funny story. There was this dead homeless guy right, and he had this bird, who wouldn’t leave the body. Somebody had to take it in, so, being the nice guy that I am, I did.

Sorry, um, Doc? Yeah, I’ve been riding with Doc for a while now. Ever since his old partner got shot, he’s alright, just didn’t come back to work. Rode with Alex for a bit, but, she’s just not my type. Sometimes ride with Kim, not a lot, cause, well, there’s far too much sexual tension there, if you know what I mean. Doc’s pretty cool. He taught me a lot. We get along pretty good, overall, however lately he's been acting a little bit weird, if you ask me. Ever since Alex and Lieu... well... ever since they died, he's been.. he just hasn't been himself, you know? I don't know where we went wrong, but he really, really went nuts. I mean, I guess I should have seen it coming, but I didn't. Or I just chose not to see it. So he went bonkers, and he pulled this gun on the new Captain who had taken over in the 55. I mean, I didn't like the new rules and regulations either, but to pull a gun and shoot the guy... Doc is now a resident of Bellvue. I hope he gets better soon... but part of me knows that he is never gonna get better, you know?

So, I guess to sum up, I’m just a really nice guy. I care about my patients, care about my family and friends, and I do my best everyday.

I went through a period where I was fired -- a girl accused me of feeling her up. But it wasn't true, and that came out in the end. I learned a lot from it, I think. I think I'm a much better paramedic because of it.

I've also been taking a more active role in my daughter Kylie's life. She.. I've always supported her despite the fact that I gave her up for adoption. So when her adoptive mom came to me and told me that Kyle was sick with Leukemia, I didn't hesitate. I went and got tested, and when I didn't come up a match, I went on a hunt for family members of mine -- any family members of mine. That's when my brother... or at least someone who says they're my brother... showed up at my doorstep of the 55. He's a match. And we spent some time over Christmas just getting to know each other. It's kind of nice having a little bit of a link again.

Okay, back to women again. Because really, what is life without a woman in it? There's this new girl named Grace, right? She's got a lot of... oh... I guess it's attitude. And she denies it, but she wants me.

But it's actually too late for her. Grace missed her chance. Because you see? There's Levine. I can't quite explain how it happened, but overnight she went from being a fruit loop that I couldn't get away from into a fruit loop that I can't be without. I think it was when that cafe she likes to go to blew up that I really realized how much she was under my skin. Things are a little shaky for us right now... but I think it's gonna be okay. I've never cared for anyone like I care for her, and quite frankly, it was a new feeling for me.

Wow. I have a run, so I gotta go. But you come back any time if you want to hear any more about me.

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