So I might be the new guy 'round the block, but that doesn't mean that I don't know what I'm doin'. You see, I'm Brendan Finney, and you might say that bein' a member of the NYPD is in my blood.

My Pop was in it for as long as I was alive. I'd always considered him a hero, you know? I mean, you didn't stay in as the head of IAB for as long as you had without havin' some good in ya. At least, that's what I'd always believed.

Anyway - I'm the new guy... an' my first few days on the job were not so good. There's that ol' veteran Sully - turns out he worked with Pop but I didn't know anythin' 'bout that. It's not like Dad talked 'bout the stuff he'd come from a lot.

Durin' my very first week at work, I met Grace Foster. She's a paramedic with the 55 'cross the street. I'd seen her at a couple of jobs, but then I saw her let her hair down, literally, at a local waterin' hole that I liked to go to with my buddies. She was... well... lets just say that I've never seen anyone work lips like she managed to work.. ya know what I'm sayin'?

Anyway - the day after - she an' her partner Carlos got into a bit of trouble. I ended up havin' to shoot the guy to get him offa her -- and that was somethin' that you don't forget so easily, I guess. But for me... I dunno. I didn't let it bother me too much. I was doin' what I hadda do. What bothered me more was the look that Grace gave me after. We didn't talk for a little while... but I think we're on our way back to at least becomin' friends. That's good. Because I really do like spendin' time with her.

Anyway - back to my Pop. I'm not even sure I can really think 'bout this, but well, the department said I hadda, which is I guess why I'm here meetin' with you. Davis an' I - Davis is my Trainin' Officer - Davis an' I were out when I got a phone call from Pop. He did somethin' that he's never done before.

He told me he loved me.

Now, thin's had been bad for a couple of days. Davis came an' told me everythin' that had gone down - that Pop had been responsible for -his- dad gettin' killed 'bout twenty years ago. At first I didn't believe him... but with all the evidence...

Pop came over to the precinct an' he and I went for a walk. I asked him... I asked him straight out if he had done it.

He couldn't answer. Unfortunately, that was all the answer I needed.

Anyway - after Pop declared that he loved me, I jus' knew that somethin' was wrong. I just knew it. I was drivin' so without tellin' Davis a word I hightailed it to my house.

I found him in the garage. The fumes were already overwhelmin' an' I knew without even lookin' that he was dead. All I could think of was my Ma an' my brothers and sisters. If Dad was found like this, an obvious suicide, they would lose his pension.

I begged Davis to help me. An' we managed to make it look like it was an accident.

Look. I really can't talk 'bout this anymore, alright? I mean, are you gonna make it better again? Are you gonna be able to make it all go away? No. I didn't think so. So I'd just as soon not talk 'bout it at all.

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