So.. um.. okay. This chick corners me, right? And she tells me that she needs to hear about me. Me. I’m really not sure why - she says somethin’ ‘bout writin’ up some website that’s all ‘bout the cops, paramedics an’ bucket boys of the 55th. At first, I’m really not sure I’m gonna do it. But then she tells me that apparently a LOT of people are interested in what I haveta say. Can you imagine that? Me. They wanna hear ‘bout -me-. I’m really not sure why. I mean, I’m jus’ not that interestin’.

My name is Maurice Louis (or Lewis - I guess I go by either spellin’) Boscorelli, an' I'm a beat cop with the 55th. Most people who know me where I work call me “Bosco”, 'cept for Faith who gets away with callin' me Bos. An' the only people who call me Maurice are my Ma, an' any girlfriend I happen to have at the time. I grew up right here in this city. I’m a New York boy, born an’ bred, an’ I know these streets like the back of my hand. I have a brother named Mikey - who I don’t keep in touch with so much. You see, he’s a drug addict, an’ I really have no tolerance for that kinda stuff. My Ma.. I think my Ma is the strongest person I know. Her name is Angela Rose Boscorelli, but she usually gets called Rose by her friends.. an well.. Ma by me of course. My Pop... I really don’ wanna talk ‘bout my Pop. He drives a taxi here in the City, an’ you know, he’s the only member of my family who didn’t bother to call to see if I was alright after all the stuff with 9/11. He used to beat on my ma - an’ I think seein’ that is what made me wanna become a cop - but I’m not really sure. He didn’t really start a lotta that hittin’ stuff, believe it or not, until after he left. He’d sneak into my room at night - knowin- that I’d leave the window open for him if he asked me to. See, I loved my pop... an’ I usedta let him beat on my Ma... An’ to this day I don’ like sleepin’ with the windows open... I also don’ like needles an’ the dark, but those are different stories..

And then there's my brother. He was in a bit of trouble again. My pop came back into the picture, and I'm pretty sure that there's something weird going on there. It was kind of out of the blue - all of a sudden, he's trying to woo Ma again, and trying to act like we're a normal family. Well, we're not a normal family. Not by a long shot.

Right. I was telling you about Mikey. Today, well, today's his funeral. He was killed, and we gotta get the son of a bitch who did it. I'm pretty sure that it's Cruz's fault. She had this thing for my brother - apparently my brother's car was involved in a shooting of one of her anti-crime guys - turns out Mikey was there, but he didn't shoot the guy. Regardless, he was turned into a dead man walking. I don't know what I'm gonna do without him - I mean, I don't know how Ma is gonna get over it...

Okay. ‘Nuff of that. I’m not even sure why I tol’ you all that.

So I really haven't had that many relationships. In fact, I didn't lose my virginity at a very early age either. However, I've more than made up for lost time since then. Don' tell anyone, but I once slept with the Captain's daughter. Alright... so Faith's knows that - but it happened in our RMP, an' it was caught on tape. Luckily, Lieu never caught wind of the face of the woman I had gotten down an' dirty with. Speakin' of which, I also once slept with Christopher's fiance. We were in the police acadamy. She was hot. An' well.. c'mon. Given a choice 'tween me an' Christopher...? There was no contest.

I dated Nicole for some time... not too long though. In the beginnin' she only used me to get back at her parents - sorta a revenge, rebellion type-a thin'. But then, I thought things would really work out for us. That was, 'til I found out she was sleepin' with half the department. I'm all for sharin'... but not my women. An' then there was this chick Tory that I dated. I met her when I had come to her apartment for a break-in. She gave me her number. I called her. An'.. what can I say. She's a hellcat in bed, an' I feel like I can talk to her. I mean... not like I talk to Faith... but....

An' then there's Sergeant Cruz. She really pulled the wool over my eyes, that one. I mean.. I guess I thought I'd fallen for her. She was good in bed. An' she was good at pullin' my heart-strings -- so much so, that I'd managed to alienate everyone I really cared 'bout. I hated the way I acted 'round her.

Then there was the mess with Aaron Noble in the hotel room. Faith's paralyzed, an' I'm pretty sure that it's mostly my fault. I asked her to help me, even though thin's aren't so good 'tween us. Now Fred wants to kill me, as well he should. I mean.. I even let him take a pot shot at me in the hospital that day she was shot 'cause of everythin' that happened.

She's a strong woman. And because of how strong she is, she came back, just like I knew she would. While she was gone, I was partnered with Monroe, which was alright, I guess. But she wasn't Faith. Now that she's back, though, I'm a little bit worried. She wants to act like nothing happened. I'm scared that I won't have her back again - you know - as in being able to keep her safe.

I guess that's 'bout it. But I'm sure you'll hear from me 'gain some day. Maybe this talkin' 'bout myself isn't so bad. Do ya think that maybe I should talk to someone 'bout these panic attacks I've been havin'? Na. I hate shrinks. But tellin' ya 'bout me? I guess that's alright.

But right now, I gotta get to Mikey's funeral. Maybe I'll talk to you again sometime.

Editors Note: At Mikey's funeral, a car crashed into the funeral home, injuring Rose, Bosco's mother. While trying to put all the pieces together at the hospital, gunman came in and shots were fired, majorly injuring Bosco in the process. He is currently in the hospital recovering from those injuries.

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