Bonnie Dennison joins the cast of the multifaceted drama “Third Watch” now in its fifth season. She plays the trouble-prone teenaged daughter of Officer Yokas (series star Molly Price).

Dennison portrays Emily Yokas, who over the course of the season has seen her father (Chris Bauer) suffer a near-fatal heart attack. Her character also has survived a severe drug overdose while trapped in a snowdrift and a terrifying hostage experience during a bank holdup.

" I think Emily is a responsible and caring sister and daughter, and she's been forced to grow up too quickly resulting in some of her 'questionable' behavior. I've really enjoyed portraying her because she's a more multi-layered and interesting character and she continues to grow.”

Other television credits include NBC’s “Law and Order,” “Law and Order:SVU,” “The Education of Max Bickford” and “100 Centre Street. She has also appeared in two Columbia graduate films “Deros” and “Persona.”

Dennison is a native of New York City and resides there with her mother and sister. Her birthday is February 15.

Emily Yokas' Biography

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