Although I have NO idea how you got here, but for some reason, I'm ok with doing this interview with you. No one has ever asked to interview me before, why now, ya know? How DID you end up here? Right...I guess that's not what all do you wanna know? I mean, how come I interest you so much, that you somehow came all the way up here to talk to me? Well, I can try to tell you as much as I can....hope I don't bore you or anything.

My name is Roberto Caffey, but I go by Bobby for the most part. My life? Well, this could be a long story, I hope you're not in a rush. Things for me kinda went into a full circle. The people who were at the beginning of my life, turned out to be the ones there at the end. Sound strange? Yeah, well hopefully you'll understand when I'm through with this story. I was pretty young when my father split on my mom and family. I had to step it up big time, and I grew up pretty fast because of it. I love my mother more than anything in the world, and I'll never stop. I was there for her, as much as I could, and I still am. I listen to her still, I do what I's kinda limited now if you know what I mean.

My best friend growing up was Paulie Fuentas. We got each other through a lot. Stuff was rough back then, ya know? Who else could you depend on
sometimes other than your best friend? You have a best friend, don't ya? Remember that whole circle thing? Keep that in mind, ok?

I also have an older brother, Matty....although most of the time, I acted as the older brother. He got locked up, and when he made parole, I was
there. One of my friends once told me I mothered' people. Well, in this instance I did, and it blew up in my face. I let Matty come stay with me, and as much as I tried, I couldn't keep him out of trouble. He got mixed up with the wrong crew of people yet -again- and ended up helping with a robbery. I couldn't turn him in myself, so I gave him an option. I handed him $500 cash, and told him to take it and run, but he would no longer be my brother -or- turn himself in. He ran. Never heard from him again. I did get word that he was panhandling, and I tried to find him, but came up empty.

The night Matty ran, I ran too. Right into the arms of my best friend. Ya see, I was an FDNY paramedic for the 55. My best friend, Kim Zambrano, was also my partner of 6 years. There's alot to be told about our relationship'. Like I said, she is...was...well still is, and always will be my best friend. The only thing, is that I fell in love with her, and I never stopped. Like I said, the night Matty bailed, we slept together. For me, it was the greatest experience.....having sex with someone you love -that- much? I hope you experience that in your life at some point. For her on the other hand, it wasn't, and she let me know that the next night. Valentine's Day no less. After that bombshell, I found myself at the bar hooking up with this hottie named Treva. But yeah, past history, nothing to get all wound up about.

Back to being a paramedic. Best job you could ever ask for. Although it had some low times, and I mean low, I'm talking rock bottom low.....then you think about the lives you save, and after you actually save a wipes out all of that 'low' and it makes you realize how important your job is. We had some rough times....we lost a car full of teenagers in an explosion after they rolled their jeep. We saw them banging on the window for help as we ran over. The next thing I knew, the car errupted into a ball of flames, and I was on the ground covering Kim. Once I looked up, there was nothing left but an inferno. But like I said, saving a life wipes it all out.....I can't count how many I saved, but it's enough.

I don't think I was a popular guy.....that's a strange question for you to ask. I mean, I had my friends, and aquaintances, I knew alot of people. The guys at the firehouse were great, Jimmy, Doc, Carlos, Alex. Jimmy is Kim's ex husband, might I mention. More like a bad habit too, somehow she found herself going back to him....repeatidly. That hurt. Also, might I add, that Kim and Jimmy have a son, Joey. He's a great kid, got himself in a little trouble sometimes, but what kid didn't at some point right? He started a fire at his school one day...I felt so bad for Kim.

The cops across the street were pretty cool too. Bosco is a nut ball. He had this grudge going with Jimmy, right....yeah Kim's ex husband, that
one.....he got so pissed at Jimmy for whatever reason, - I think it was over a barbeque - that he had all of our cars towed! That was one little dude you didn't wanna mess with. Funny that you reminded me of that night....that day, Kim and I had a run in with a girl named Sunny. Ah, Sunny. She was about 13, and unfortunately she turned her life to the streets. We found her a few times, beat up or high. She came to Kim for help, and we gave her a ride to a shelter....on the way she boosted Kim's wallet. I found her in the park that day, and got the wallet back....gave a nice bruise to her pimp too. Pimping 13 year olds....that was one of those lows I was telling you about. Sunny didn't make it much longer after that.

You wanna hear about some good times? Alright. Thanksgiving at the firehouse, before Matty bailed, was a great time. I'll always remember that. One night, we didn't get a single call...the entire night. We were so bored, we ended up shooting potatoes off the roof of the firehouse....well until Joe Lombardo ended up busting the windshield of Lt. Swersky's patrol car across the street. Yeah, I don't remember Lt. Johnson being -that- mad in awhile....but it was still hilarious. And I can't forget the time I somehow ended up dancing with a drunk lady at the gas station. That wasn't something that happened everyday.

So what else would you like to know? Or should I finish this up for you? Ohhh....Alex Taylor? She's a great person. Yeah, we had a little fling, but she wasn't too comfortable with it. In an attempt to break up with me, she tried to trick me into having a three-some with her and Jimmy. Can you believe that? Yeah, I'm not sure how I didn't fall out of the back of the bus when she sprang that one on me. I did catch on.....and we had a little chat about hard feelings....I did leaving her hanging however....on the wall.....litterally.

Alright. So you remember Paulie, my best friend I was telling you about? And that circle thing? Well this is where it all comes together I guess. I found out from Paulie's sister Gina, who might I mention was my first love, and who I lost my virginity too, ok don't get me started because then I'll have to tell you about the catholic school uniform thing, and that's just really either going to throw you off or make you shutter.....anyway, I found out from Gina that Paulie was messed up on drugs really bad. Now, this also goes back to me 'mothering' people, and again, having it blow up in my face. I tried to help Paulie, I really did. He ended up robbing my mother's house, and when I confronted him about it, he shot me. Yes, it hurts more than you can possibly imagine to tell you about this, but I'm trying....I hope you know that. Kim was with me, and I can still remember her telling me to hold on. She was so scared......and so was I. I probably felt worse that she was scared then the fact that I was bleeding to death.

I met up with my father shortly after that. After not having any contact with him in years, there he was. I missed him so much, and there he was. We talked, went back through everything that had happened, and somehow reconsiled our differences. Ultimately, I didn't wake up from the surgery to repair the bullet wound from Paulie.

I remember telling Carlos Nieto about how I would go to church and light a candle for anyone who died on my watch. Early that morning, Kim lit a candle for me. Do I miss them? Of course I do. But like I said, Kim's still my best friend, and I still love her, and always will. My mother, I try to help her as much as I can. And if possible, I look down on everyone from time to time.

I hope that you got what you were looking for from this interview. And if you still wanna talk to Lt. Johnson or Alex, you'll find them down the hall.

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