I'm sorry? You want to interview -me-? Okay.. I guess I have a few minutes. I'm going to have to go on duty soon, but I think I have a few minutes to spare...

I'm a rare breed here in this city. Not only am I a paramedic, but I'm also a firefighter. My father was a firefighter before me, and I think that he wanted my brother Adam to become one... but it wasn't in the cards for me. I always wanted to follow in my father's footsteps.

My dad was heroic. And he died on September 11th. They found his body less than a year later... and I think that day was as difficult for me as when he first went missing. I remember those days -- riding as a paramedic during my shift, and then getting into my fire gear at night to dig through the rubble.

Ty Davis and I dated for a while. I think it was too much for him -- we were really beginning to care about each other. When he got shot, I really got scared, you know? But then he told his mother that I was 'just one of the guys', and that sort of upset me. Things between us were never the same after that. I guess I'll always wonder what might have been...

I almost died last year. I was working this huge accident scene, and I was hit by a car. It was pretty scary.. and I almost considered quitting. I know my mom couldn't take it if I died too... but being a firefighter is in my blood. I can't help it. I bleed bright red -- the red of the FDNY.

Sorry that we got interrupted. Doc just asked if I could ride the bus for a shift -- he's apparently down a paramedic. And I could really kill Lieu for saying yes -- but what can you do? So I have to run. But you'll be around later, right? We can finish this up then...

Interviewer's Note: Alex Tayler passed away in April of 2003 in the line of duty. She was thrown from a car while trying to comfort an elderly couple who were trapped inside of another car. She is deeply missed.

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